Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My names are Tiger and Elephant

I'ma show you somethin. Qua Chi King or Kung Fu. Somebody threw a spear at the royal nephew and a captain slapped Master Po. We're missing Master Po. We taught Hitler and how to fight with numbchucks. I'm gone! Yes I am! Touch my body and see. I fought Chan in an open field, kicked over two food carts. Who is sister street fighter. That's her, after all these years. Did you go to the hospital? Are you scared of those machines? Did you ride through the red one? Have you ever rode the scrambler? Remember that lady that fell outta the roller coaster and cracker her head open. I died one time, I came back. There's more.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

We should each have our own style and code. David Carradine gave us a secret suit, but he burnt it. That's OK though. Our teacher didn't teach enough. You practice till you perfect it. Our teacher has to study in bed till he gets better. You can heal yourself if you have that kinda knowledge. Each school has it's own meditation. We lost the fight. If Papa Bird had taught us somethin, we'd know somethin. If you can't heal it with meditation, go to your favorite restaurant and get a pot of tea. NOT SO EARLY IN THE MORNING MAN. Chinese mechanic or Chinese mac.