Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not Our Country. Not Our Terrain.

I married Daisy Duke... The Sheriff gave me a badge, but someone took it away.

Even if they do cut me up on the table, I'll be alright. It was in Vietnam. A Russian General did it. We weren't supposed to be there though. Not our country. Not our terrain.

He's back. Me. I put leaches on my body for the bloodletting. Captain Kronis, Vampire Hunter. Dracula will bite anybody. That was the old one. The new on is Buck Rogers.

I was working with Monsignor and the Pope. I took the Pope's place and I'm still there. That's why I'm missing.

Something happened to Dracula's disciple! You ever hear about John Wayne? He's also a Colonel. And a Duke. Remember Grandpa? There's a Grandpa Dracula. He's the original.

Friday, August 5, 2011


You wanna ride a seahorse? I'm Aquaman. I'm a hero... or more like a crime fighter like Batman. I control the flying fish.

This is red berry juice on my lips from Pharoe Island. My girlfriend was attacked by a giant octopus called the Kraken. I rescued her though. I know a Kraken when I see one. He's Japanese, and he's after the berry juice. They're narcotic berries. More like medicine. I drank four bottles and fainted.