Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back on the Streets

There's trouble in Los Angeles.
Hold on I'll contact my mom, Wonder Woman.
Are you interested?
I call my team The Strike Force
I wouldn't wear red though, that could get you in trouble.
Some people wear red cause they can handle themselves.
Connect me to Arnold.
I have to go back to Vancouver Washington so I can get married.
Hulk Hogan can get me outta here.
Bye Bye President Reagan.
I didn't mean to give you no trouble,
but you have to go back to your ranch.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Life Story Part One

My life story begins in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. We started out in Alabama too- Just like the rock band. I’m still there and I’m here too. I’m in more than one place. I was 7 or 8 when I came here (Portland). We lived with my uncle Walter. I think they got 7 kids or something. I don’t know. Me and my sister –if I have a sister- were throwing newspapers. I worked grade schools too as a maintenance man for sixteen years. I did it all.
At St. Vincent’s I got oil in my eye working on drum barrels. I had all kinds of jobs. It’s not a story, it’s true. I rode the bus to St. Johns to see a girl. Vickie. We went to a James bond movie. I got lost by the bridge. Some lady took us over there for a job interview. I could get you a job like Dalton on Roadhouse. They'll throw bottles at you. One night I was at home and I went out to check on something and they threw a bottle at me too.
Some people don’t like rock-n-roll- too hard on the ears. My amplifier broke trying to put positive and negative together. I tried to fix it but I got shocked. My brother come to my rescue and put me in a Muslim hospital. I’m still there working for a dead woman. I do kitchen duty. I might retire or become a sheriff in Utah, like Chuck Norris. I could be a teacher or a legend or whatever.