Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Bad Number

They like the sound of my laughter. I humor them to a certain degree. Yeah. They want to do like me. It's the joker in me. There's money in it too. Bozo the Clown. Jerry Lewis. He does impersonations like you wouldn't believe. Buddy's the last one. Reagan scared the hell out of everyone in the theater. It was real. The heretic is real. That's a bad number right there. Reagan's tough and that's all there is to it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010

Hello Sister Street Fighter. I raised her, and taught her everything she wanted to know about the martial arts. She strikes at the heart. I made her special shoes with spikes so she can hit Cogen.

I’ll choose a new name called Doctor Dead. Doctor Dead heals everything : martial arts, kungfu, whushun, and the new snake masters.

Sister street fighter goes down the hallway after this movie after me. Look out here comes korato.

I took lessons from Robert Mitchum, the accuser. Sisters street fighters cousin was murdered The octagon is behind all of them. Stay away from the octagon Sister.

I got captured and went down to Mexico for tobacco. I got all of her money. She did that too until she got hats and started making them. My brother did that too until he was murdered.

The weasel, the rat, I can count on him. Michael Jackson Jr. we need one of your pet snakes. The return of Sister Street fighter. We have a new teacher, sting the dragon master and King Kong the dragon master. The Chinese man, the rover. Bruce Lee is the Kung Foo Kid.
I go looking for a teacher. Karate Kid.

I found a book and movie about aqua bird.

Cleopatra Jones. Mommy is in the hospital. Is she still in the hospital.? I still have to teach karate to Charlie and Sydney Bird.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heroes and Herons

Tongue sounds like the tongue in your mouth. The teachers taught me the Chinese dialect. John Lewis is a guy. He would cook his breakfast than we would fight each other. There is Mr. Roper. I think he's a blackbelt boxer. There's boah, the boxer. I think he's about 6'8. There's James Kelly, Jamaican King, and Mr. Train. Mr. Train lives in South America with Mr. Octopus. It's just a movie though, scifi. There are horror movies too. They will tear out your guts. They'll get you in the nighttime. I don't know who found me out in the cold with no shoes. I carried news though. Billy Jack Hones. Theres 2 of them. Tom Laufom hit him up side of the head and knocked him out. I use two of the sticks. There was a big fight in the restaurant. My wife got her gun stuck in her gut while she was having her baby; a Chinese baby.