Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There are Certain Spirits We Shouldn't Mess With

Remember Lovely but Deadly. My Sister's name is TNT Jackson. DON'T WORRY ABOUT MY TEETH!! They got knocked out by the street fighter. Sonny Chiba had them in his hand.
You had a chance to have children, but you blew it! I'm a blue belt just like you are. Why did he die? I don't know? He just gave up. I'm a private investigator. You do your own private investigating, I'll do mine. You tried to do it like a cowgirl.
Maybe you'll learn somethin.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What We Know Is Secret

My spaceship crashed into the Forbidden Zone. The door opened automatically and we all climbed out, except the stewardess. She either died or lived. If I had a needle I could’ve turned her around. She had to be left behind or we’d be stuck. Captain’s decision. We followed scarecrows on the water- it was a scarecrow or an ape… or a human. We were left on the planet, and a lady with black hair danced for us. Most of this stuff I have to deny. I do have a secret, but I can’t tell you everything. They’ll come after you. That’s the way they are. Some of them don’t want their secrets looked up.

The Refrigerator

Chuck Norris took me out somewhere and left me- I almost froze to death. I took the name ‘Refrigerator’ because I’m a football expert. I played soccer in the streets... We used to play kickball everyday, me and my classmates. They taught us how to dissect frogs too. Other people dissected pigs. I don’t know why they did that. All I know is science. I can tell you things that will blow your mind (laughs). I’m from a different time zone.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm called the Street Fighter

I met Billy Jack Haynes , he used to work here. We were after a guy named Cocky, cause he had our families killed. They shocked Emily, I heard it with my bionic ears. I will attack a person, but it's more like self defense. I'm the attacker, Mildred Schwab's son is more of the defensive guy. I went to his his office, he's with the FBI. I'm a CIA operative, they gave me the named Gator Mckusky. This is Master Pullium, Rickie told me everything. They told 3 presidents. The devil chased them through graveyard, toward the equonox. They all blew up in the graveyard. I'm still a baby in the 1930's. I shot somebody for no reason. I didn't know if he was trespassing or what. You already executed me one time. ONE TIME IS ENUFF! I work for Stuart Mill or Macgyver, they'll give you a good job.