Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm the Beastmaster

I wanna ride a horse again. Look! Don't I look like the Lone Ranger? See, I get sick 'cause Dr. Hack says I choke. I'm chokin' right now cause I ain't got no water.

I'm the Beastmaster! I save people... like a hero. I AM a hero. I'm a tiger, a leopard. My brother's a Black Panther, and so am I. Well, he's got an organization called the Muslims. His name is Porter. They believe in Kala, the Elephant. Hare Krishna does too.

You have to behave yourself if you wanna know. Somebody blabbed and got shot last night. I heard it! The police beat up Mr. Harris. They said I should go visit him in the hospital. Well, it didn't happen yet, it was actually a premonition. Solitaire sees the future in cards. Ever see Live and Let Die? I'm more like a baby, but stong as Hercules! You don't wanna bother certain people cause they'll call a cop. I know a lady named Freedom!!!