Friday, December 24, 2010

3 the Hard Way

I have a robot. It's right here watching me.


I'm telling you! The ampaquad


All these roles I play are either fiction or non fiction.
Day of the animals is coming.
Mother nature strikes back against her uncle.
I see it plain as day.
Do you believe in godzilla

Sunday, November 28, 2010

We're not really here. We're in a basket. Our bodies are here, but they're shells. The secret to communication is in the ceiling.
Don't touch the light fixture in my ceiling. It's there to get us to the planet we're going to. We've got everybody, the monsters too.
We're going to our new planet.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Bad Number

They like the sound of my laughter. I humor them to a certain degree. Yeah. They want to do like me. It's the joker in me. There's money in it too. Bozo the Clown. Jerry Lewis. He does impersonations like you wouldn't believe. Buddy's the last one. Reagan scared the hell out of everyone in the theater. It was real. The heretic is real. That's a bad number right there. Reagan's tough and that's all there is to it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010

Hello Sister Street Fighter. I raised her, and taught her everything she wanted to know about the martial arts. She strikes at the heart. I made her special shoes with spikes so she can hit Cogen.

I’ll choose a new name called Doctor Dead. Doctor Dead heals everything : martial arts, kungfu, whushun, and the new snake masters.

Sister street fighter goes down the hallway after this movie after me. Look out here comes korato.

I took lessons from Robert Mitchum, the accuser. Sisters street fighters cousin was murdered The octagon is behind all of them. Stay away from the octagon Sister.

I got captured and went down to Mexico for tobacco. I got all of her money. She did that too until she got hats and started making them. My brother did that too until he was murdered.

The weasel, the rat, I can count on him. Michael Jackson Jr. we need one of your pet snakes. The return of Sister Street fighter. We have a new teacher, sting the dragon master and King Kong the dragon master. The Chinese man, the rover. Bruce Lee is the Kung Foo Kid.
I go looking for a teacher. Karate Kid.

I found a book and movie about aqua bird.

Cleopatra Jones. Mommy is in the hospital. Is she still in the hospital.? I still have to teach karate to Charlie and Sydney Bird.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heroes and Herons

Tongue sounds like the tongue in your mouth. The teachers taught me the Chinese dialect. John Lewis is a guy. He would cook his breakfast than we would fight each other. There is Mr. Roper. I think he's a blackbelt boxer. There's boah, the boxer. I think he's about 6'8. There's James Kelly, Jamaican King, and Mr. Train. Mr. Train lives in South America with Mr. Octopus. It's just a movie though, scifi. There are horror movies too. They will tear out your guts. They'll get you in the nighttime. I don't know who found me out in the cold with no shoes. I carried news though. Billy Jack Hones. Theres 2 of them. Tom Laufom hit him up side of the head and knocked him out. I use two of the sticks. There was a big fight in the restaurant. My wife got her gun stuck in her gut while she was having her baby; a Chinese baby.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mother Nature

Somebody hit me upside the head with an African Stick. I had my face turned toward a friend of me... and boom!!! I heard it coming but I couldn't block it. I think it was a lady with dark, curly hair. I don't know. They want to test me out and see if I really know Kung Fu. They don't like that I'm an American. I grew a beard and mustache but they didn't like that either. The purpose of Kung Fu is to bring harmony into the universe. You understand harmony? You can't use Kung Fu for killing or beating people up. The universe has its own way of dealing with people. You know Mother Nature? I'm at peace with her, myself. I don't have very much time on Earth. I gotta find something else to eat- something they don't know about yet. I hope I don't make the same mistake I made before. You Gotta be careful.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time Keeps on Ticking

I wear a special watch that tells me what to do. It'll saw a rope loose. It tells time too. Time keeps on tickin'. Timex. Whatever. I'm immortal. I'm like a cop from the future. I've been alive for 80 years. If you did stuff correct, you'd live 80 years too. Do you need some help with some bad guys?

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Bruce Lee betrayed the code. The Dragon wants to get him. Bruce Lee can't handle me anymore. Watch it, WATCH IT! Gin Retzu Zai A Cobra Dira. It makes you invisible. That's my weapon. He can't see me. I'll help you see through the eye of the Gate. We still have more work to do.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Anything that is red is mine.

That's what Captain America told me in the 1940's. Can you speak refugee? I gotta find out when Chinese New Year is. I can't feel my heart, it's in another galaxy. A white dragon from outerspace is setting everything in the jungle on fire. Have you ever seen the big brawl. YOU CAN'T BUY SLAVERY ANYMORE! Count Dracula bit a black man and turned him into a vampire. Count Blacula is alive today. You're looking at him. Some people eat worms like spagetti. Shaolin will feed anybody. Tell them I'm hungry.

Monday, March 22, 2010

To Lieutenant Mr. Tibbs

We'll file a complaint about Mr. Van Damme to the Las Vegas Police or proper authority about Van Damme's Death. Somebody gave our teacher a 32 automatic. I could carry a BB pistol. Those guys at karate tournaments are crazy. Rick Schroder's father died in a boxing match. Ask Bonnie and Clyde. They were shot up somethin terrible. Hey You!! Come 'ere. We could mello out. There ain't nothin wrong with havin' fun. Remember Scull Dugery. You wanna leave them alone. They're special monkeys. Mr. Van Damme wasn't stupid. My President says you can share.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There are Certain Spirits We Shouldn't Mess With

Remember Lovely but Deadly. My Sister's name is TNT Jackson. DON'T WORRY ABOUT MY TEETH!! They got knocked out by the street fighter. Sonny Chiba had them in his hand.
You had a chance to have children, but you blew it! I'm a blue belt just like you are. Why did he die? I don't know? He just gave up. I'm a private investigator. You do your own private investigating, I'll do mine. You tried to do it like a cowgirl.
Maybe you'll learn somethin.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What We Know Is Secret

My spaceship crashed into the Forbidden Zone. The door opened automatically and we all climbed out, except the stewardess. She either died or lived. If I had a needle I could’ve turned her around. She had to be left behind or we’d be stuck. Captain’s decision. We followed scarecrows on the water- it was a scarecrow or an ape… or a human. We were left on the planet, and a lady with black hair danced for us. Most of this stuff I have to deny. I do have a secret, but I can’t tell you everything. They’ll come after you. That’s the way they are. Some of them don’t want their secrets looked up.

The Refrigerator

Chuck Norris took me out somewhere and left me- I almost froze to death. I took the name ‘Refrigerator’ because I’m a football expert. I played soccer in the streets... We used to play kickball everyday, me and my classmates. They taught us how to dissect frogs too. Other people dissected pigs. I don’t know why they did that. All I know is science. I can tell you things that will blow your mind (laughs). I’m from a different time zone.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm called the Street Fighter

I met Billy Jack Haynes , he used to work here. We were after a guy named Cocky, cause he had our families killed. They shocked Emily, I heard it with my bionic ears. I will attack a person, but it's more like self defense. I'm the attacker, Mildred Schwab's son is more of the defensive guy. I went to his his office, he's with the FBI. I'm a CIA operative, they gave me the named Gator Mckusky. This is Master Pullium, Rickie told me everything. They told 3 presidents. The devil chased them through graveyard, toward the equonox. They all blew up in the graveyard. I'm still a baby in the 1930's. I shot somebody for no reason. I didn't know if he was trespassing or what. You already executed me one time. ONE TIME IS ENUFF! I work for Stuart Mill or Macgyver, they'll give you a good job.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My names are Tiger and Elephant

I'ma show you somethin. Qua Chi King or Kung Fu. Somebody threw a spear at the royal nephew and a captain slapped Master Po. We're missing Master Po. We taught Hitler and how to fight with numbchucks. I'm gone! Yes I am! Touch my body and see. I fought Chan in an open field, kicked over two food carts. Who is sister street fighter. That's her, after all these years. Did you go to the hospital? Are you scared of those machines? Did you ride through the red one? Have you ever rode the scrambler? Remember that lady that fell outta the roller coaster and cracker her head open. I died one time, I came back. There's more.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

We should each have our own style and code. David Carradine gave us a secret suit, but he burnt it. That's OK though. Our teacher didn't teach enough. You practice till you perfect it. Our teacher has to study in bed till he gets better. You can heal yourself if you have that kinda knowledge. Each school has it's own meditation. We lost the fight. If Papa Bird had taught us somethin, we'd know somethin. If you can't heal it with meditation, go to your favorite restaurant and get a pot of tea. NOT SO EARLY IN THE MORNING MAN. Chinese mechanic or Chinese mac.