Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm called the Street Fighter

I met Billy Jack Haynes , he used to work here. We were after a guy named Cocky, cause he had our families killed. They shocked Emily, I heard it with my bionic ears. I will attack a person, but it's more like self defense. I'm the attacker, Mildred Schwab's son is more of the defensive guy. I went to his his office, he's with the FBI. I'm a CIA operative, they gave me the named Gator Mckusky. This is Master Pullium, Rickie told me everything. They told 3 presidents. The devil chased them through graveyard, toward the equonox. They all blew up in the graveyard. I'm still a baby in the 1930's. I shot somebody for no reason. I didn't know if he was trespassing or what. You already executed me one time. ONE TIME IS ENUFF! I work for Stuart Mill or Macgyver, they'll give you a good job.

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