Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Life Story Part One

My life story begins in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. We started out in Alabama too- Just like the rock band. I’m still there and I’m here too. I’m in more than one place. I was 7 or 8 when I came here (Portland). We lived with my uncle Walter. I think they got 7 kids or something. I don’t know. Me and my sister –if I have a sister- were throwing newspapers. I worked grade schools too as a maintenance man for sixteen years. I did it all.
At St. Vincent’s I got oil in my eye working on drum barrels. I had all kinds of jobs. It’s not a story, it’s true. I rode the bus to St. Johns to see a girl. Vickie. We went to a James bond movie. I got lost by the bridge. Some lady took us over there for a job interview. I could get you a job like Dalton on Roadhouse. They'll throw bottles at you. One night I was at home and I went out to check on something and they threw a bottle at me too.
Some people don’t like rock-n-roll- too hard on the ears. My amplifier broke trying to put positive and negative together. I tried to fix it but I got shocked. My brother come to my rescue and put me in a Muslim hospital. I’m still there working for a dead woman. I do kitchen duty. I might retire or become a sheriff in Utah, like Chuck Norris. I could be a teacher or a legend or whatever.

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