Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm an Alien

"I'm Elvis! Saw James Brown for 99 cents. You wanna go with me? Get in my cadillac. We're finger painting. See, they're mad at me because I talk like a cave man. Trog. Ape. They got all kinds of movies. Elvis, king of rock n' roll, king of karate. I made a copper ring once and he stole it. I think so anyways.

I'm an expert on drugs and certain medical things. They want me to go back out west where the flatheads are. They got gold, just like we do. I don't want a lotta gold though.... that stuff will get you into trouble. Just ask Mr. T.

I'm an alien. I'm here illegally. Jumped ship. I'm from China. I don't look Chinese, but I am. Look closer! In China, you can get married at any age. Boy, girl, girl, boy. Religion can get you married and get you outta trouble. But they want you segregated though. Look it up in the Bible. I'm a different kind of Muslim. I eat pork. I have to. If you don't wanna eat healthy, that's your problem!

Now a computer tells you what to do. You can't even go out at night. Tells us when to go to bed, what time to eat! We have no more freedom. But I'm still in Holiday Park Plaza Hospital. They put me in a straight jacket and put cigars in my eyes. No wonder I'm blind. I'm already a prisoner. Gator McKlusky. If that laser beam comes back, it'll kill us all. Bowfield controls the beam and he killed on of my wives..."

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