Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heroes and Herons

Tongue sounds like the tongue in your mouth. The teachers taught me the Chinese dialect. John Lewis is a guy. He would cook his breakfast than we would fight each other. There is Mr. Roper. I think he's a blackbelt boxer. There's boah, the boxer. I think he's about 6'8. There's James Kelly, Jamaican King, and Mr. Train. Mr. Train lives in South America with Mr. Octopus. It's just a movie though, scifi. There are horror movies too. They will tear out your guts. They'll get you in the nighttime. I don't know who found me out in the cold with no shoes. I carried news though. Billy Jack Hones. Theres 2 of them. Tom Laufom hit him up side of the head and knocked him out. I use two of the sticks. There was a big fight in the restaurant. My wife got her gun stuck in her gut while she was having her baby; a Chinese baby.

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