Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010

Hello Sister Street Fighter. I raised her, and taught her everything she wanted to know about the martial arts. She strikes at the heart. I made her special shoes with spikes so she can hit Cogen.

I’ll choose a new name called Doctor Dead. Doctor Dead heals everything : martial arts, kungfu, whushun, and the new snake masters.

Sister street fighter goes down the hallway after this movie after me. Look out here comes korato.

I took lessons from Robert Mitchum, the accuser. Sisters street fighters cousin was murdered The octagon is behind all of them. Stay away from the octagon Sister.

I got captured and went down to Mexico for tobacco. I got all of her money. She did that too until she got hats and started making them. My brother did that too until he was murdered.

The weasel, the rat, I can count on him. Michael Jackson Jr. we need one of your pet snakes. The return of Sister Street fighter. We have a new teacher, sting the dragon master and King Kong the dragon master. The Chinese man, the rover. Bruce Lee is the Kung Foo Kid.
I go looking for a teacher. Karate Kid.

I found a book and movie about aqua bird.

Cleopatra Jones. Mommy is in the hospital. Is she still in the hospital.? I still have to teach karate to Charlie and Sydney Bird.

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