Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kurt Russell is my Friend!

Someone stole my leather jacket, but I got it back! I don't wanna say who stole it... You say certain things and they'll get you into trouble. Half of the men I fought were trained by Master Han. Muslim head bands are red, black and yellow. There's a drug cartel in Singapore. Its run by the Baron. He's holdin up with a woman called Suzie. There's a new guy called Dr. Land. He wants a contract. Owns the Red Pepper Restaurant. Good food too. I own a restaurant called "GUN." 375 magnum. Don't worry, I'm licensed. I'm supposed to carry it with me everywhere for protection from the Mafia. Chinese Mafia. Big Trouble Little China... I was in that movie. Kurt Russell is my friend! Shogun assasin. Concord. We're making a real movie like Bruce Lee. Aunt Jamaima is a black woman. She has her own mayonaise, but she died on me. Her Mayo company is now mine, but Bruce Lee wants to take it. He's hard headed!

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