Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm a Cop!

I'm a cop where I come from but people don't believe me. I'm from Hong Kong, or Okanawa. Our vehicle is turned over. We were being chased by some guy. I was a cop for a while in Los Angeles. San Francisco beat with Dirty Harry. One of the worst kinds. Busted people for prositution. Busted 'em and locked 'em up in the back of the truck. The dirty cops are all dead. I'm more like a crime fighter now.... Like Batman and Robin. Back in the day we didn't have no bat mobile! I had a motorcycle. Honda 350! Nowadays I drive a Cadillac, but my crime fighting days aren't done. I was supposed to go to a Birthday Party at Chuckee Cheese, but I never made it. You wanna go now? I'll drive if you go in and get the pizzas? 5 of 'em. I see a doctor who put me on a special diet. Gatorade. Chuck Norris works at a pancake house off I5. You wanna go there and get some flap jacks? Look! I told you! My brother's a big time player! Get that through your head! Going around asking too many questions. Perry Mason was the best lawyer around. I keep telling you these things but you're hard headed! Logo is dangerous. Don't even think about that!

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