Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pole Vaulting

Sgt. Tagat came to my rescue when me and Eddy Murphy shot the place up. The place was a warehouse and it had all kinds of stuff in it. I pole vaulted over it! We put together a team and traveled the world. We saved a lady in Shang Hai. If I told you the true story they'd electrocute me. I was put in prision in the king's court and I'm still there! I'm still in that cell, but I come here for visitation. Now I'm a real estate agent. Houses... but it depends on what kind. These houses are expensive. I got me a job making sandwhiches for $3 and hour! Depends on what kind of house you want. There are all kinds, but my favorite kind is a Shao Lin Temple. Practice. 36 Chambers of Death! Kung Fu! We eat vegetables...

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